Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Five - Competition/Comparison

Or maybe I'll just write about the book I started reading today. Ann Patchett's newest novel is called State of Wonder and I'll admit, if she wasn't the author and I'd read the back of the book, I probably wouldn't be interested. But each time I begin one of her novels I know it's her, her voice is that strong to me. The stories are completely different but there is a sense of familiarity and knowing you're in for a great read. The exciting thing for me about starting this book today is that I'm going to see her read on Saturday night in Toronto! For my birthday, my Aunt Bonnie is having me up for the weekend (alone - such luxury :) and we've got tickets to the reading. I don't think I'll have many thoughts of competition or comparing myself to this writer, however inspiration would be well received. Just ten or so pages into the book and already there is a lot of talk of snow and that's trademark Patchett to me. I guess in comparison mine would be images of light and lots of kitchen scenes, my characters always tend to gravitate toward dishwashing and sunsets. Maybe it's time we bought a dishwasher.


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Carrie Snyder said...

Lucky you! I saw that reading advertised and ever so much wanted to be there.

We don't have a dishwasher either ...