Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Four - Creativity

Another easy one, or maybe not easy, but fitting. Creativity. And to be honest, after thinking of me and writing and other sparks of creativity that light throughout the days - some I gravitate towards and others I don't - I think of Rosie. I think of her and see her creating away in a picture like this... a controlled creative setting, but that's only when she can sit still. My favourite creative moments for her are the ones that define her complete free spirit and individuality - the ones that still surprise me, like when I was going through the pictures from William's birthday and discovered I hadn't been the only one taking photos that day.

I admire her ability to creative without even realizing. All kids do, it's their play, but where William will think and plan and research before the creativity and building starts, she dives in excited just to do it, no thought as to what's going to come out of it. She makes up stories for twenty minutes without taking a breath, she listens to music she has memorized and belts out the words whether or not anyone is listening, she writes long lists of letters out horizontally and pretends to make up words, she puts on dance recitals, describing each movement before she begins (the beautiful part or the silly part), and she's always happy with the results, never frustrated with the process. Creativity to her right now is the doing, way more than the end result. The act of being creative, the doing, so in the moment. I'm thinking tonight about that for me, enjoying the process, the bits and surprises that make it all up, along the way. Playing instead of working. Being in that zone, writing and forgetting everything around you and not coming up for air until there's no longer a choice but to stop. That's the good stuff and I hope the kid never loses it.


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