Monday, June 13, 2011

Day Nine - Living Life Fully/Curiousity

After a weekend of living quite fully I think I hit the wall. I feel guilty to say how tired and unenthusiastic I was today after such a luxurious weekend, but I dragged through the Monday chores that needed doing and kept trying, unsuccessfully, to sneak back to the couch and my book. But the crazy week has begun, and I am catching up and will do so even more after a good sleep tonight. I'm craving a day that's relaxed but occupied with those moments of not looking at the clock, not thinking about the internet, not sneaking pages of my books, all while trying to focus somewhat on what the kids are trying to tell me or get me to do with them. Living fully by living in the moment. There's a goal for the week, and some sun wouldn't hurt either.

The game the kids are playing in the picture and everyday lately is The Kids of Carcassonne, yup from the adult's Carcassonne game, and we all love it.


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