Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Nineteen - Courage

This blog is starting to be written ever-other-day instead of each day. That wasn't my plan. I'll be honest and say that I'm tired. This week was long and dark and rainy and I didn't jump into it and give it my all. I felt lazy and not my best as a Mom. And it happens, and it's alright, I know. But to me it's only alright if I acknowledge and work towards not letting it happen again any time soon. Maybe I need to get out of my bike after Scott comes home, go for a quick ride through the paths behind my house. And I do need to get back into yoga, it's been far too long. I need to bake more (despite the urge to leave the oven off in the humidity) and have healthier snacks on hand for myself. I went to bed late each night and besides these blogs, didn't write and barely read a word. All of it adds up to a grumpy mom. So! I'm looking forward to the weekend, seeing friends and family, maybe going out one night, planning an anniversary getaway with Scott (obviously :) that's coming up, 10 years! The weather should be (must be!!) brighter, I've got a bunch of great books waiting for me on my shelf, wonderful food from Bailey's in my kitchen and in only a few days I'm going to have my kids home and no worries about school (or babysitting) for quite some time. There, it took courage to admit all of that and I feel better for it. Now back to my book that's good but taking me far to long to read so I'll get it done and move on to something new.

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