Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Twenty - Action

We had a terrific weekend of library, birthday party, family and soccer which involved Rosie scoring another four goals! The picture of the kids with the books is what our house looks like once a week in the summer (who am I kidding, year round) when we come home with a full bag of new books. Notice on the left the new rocking chair Scott surprised me with that he found from Restore! The bath picture was taken this afternoon instead of at bedtime as a way for me to repent and make up up for having last bathed the kids, ummm, sometime last week. Scott and I have licorice and the last three episodes of Jekyl (BBC mini-series that's terrific!) to plow through tonight. I love how even work/school nights can become movie nights and date nights and late nights once it's summer.

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Anonymous said...

Our living room looked exactly like that when the kids were little. Don't you just love that 'quiet' as they dive into all those new books?
Now that my guys are older, their books are thicker and therefore fewer of them get checked out of the library. But truth be told, I miss those days when the librarian would call me over to inform me that Emory's card was maxed out (at 50 books!) and I would get the best workout ever lugging them all home in the stroller!