Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Two - Belief

Rather than start up with the new stuff (including how I did indeed rise early this morning and write, but not on the deck, too chilly at 6am) there are still birthdays to celebrate around here. For my birthday just over a week ago - my 35th! - we were treated to some overnight guests, which doesn't happen too often for us. My Aunt Paula, and my other wonderful Aunt now, Claire, stayed with us while on a mini-holiday from Ottawa. It was the first time we've had them to our house and it was three days of having that wonderful feeling of sharing all the little bits that make up you and your family with people you love. The weather was perfect and we spent my day playing in the creek where the kids were taught to make dandelion necklaces (which they gleefully adorned me with), and filled their both with water. We took a trip to St Jacobs, ate lots of great food (including fish and chips and burgers from Sonnys, my choice, for my birthday dinner) and lots of reading. I'm thinking of printing all the pictures and framing them of everyone who has sat on this couch and read to the kids. It could be a fun mural for them, from over the years.

We had a great visit and although the kids don't see our aunts as often as we'd all like, they cuddled and played together as if they'd only seen Paula and Claire the other day. The last night they slept over, Rosie told us her doll Molly couldn't stop crying because she didn't want them to go, and William - upon getting into bed with us before school in the morning - actually broke into tears when he realized they'd have left when he got home.

Belief is a perfect title for today, day two in my blog-writing-a-day-a-thon, because it can be the perfect mix of what you feel and what you know is right, in this instant, being Love. It's such a wonderful thing for a parent to sit back and watch your children being loved and completely loving others in return. That easy give and take that only happens when the kids are getting older and it comes through them on their own, without force and without a parent hovering above. It makes you think and even believe that maybe, there are days, that you've gotten something right.


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