Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let the Celebrations Begin!

William's 6th birthday began at least
a week before his actual day with an overnight
trip to visit Nana and Boppa in Whitby. The
stakes were set high when his first gift
was a ten dollar bill from his great-grand-parents, his first gift of money ever to spend any way he wished. This was better than any old tooth fairy! William and Rosie were whisked off by Daddy that afternoon to Zellers (giving Nana and me a much needed visit alone) to spend this money which was so obviously burning a hole. William justified it cooly by saying if he bought something that day, he'd be able to share it with Nana and Boppa, let them know right away what he'd bought. As you can see in the picture, he bought a Transformer (his newest fascination that has been very limited to books and a few toys alone). Needless to say, when they returned a hour or two later, Nana and Boppa were thrilled with William's sincere displays of gratitude and love. The day ended with birthday cupcakes for William and me and long hugs goodbye before we could finally drag the tired kids away. It was a great day and Princess Rosie and Boppa, while not always in the spotlight that day, figured out their own games and had nothing to complain about either. Thanks for a perfect day!!

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