Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been hot, we've been staying inside a lot. But we've managed, in the past week, a beach day, a movie indoors with friends, two trips to the market, three swims in our wonderful neighbours' pool, a fantastic visit with our dear aunt, and even to move both kids into one room (for no other reason except that they wanted to be together, if only just for the summer). So it has been hot, but it's been good!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More of our Days

In the past days - daze - of summer, we've celebrated a year or two, or ten!

Had a few nights to ourselves, thanks to grandparents who gave our kiddos a few amazing days after which they came to retrieve us from our celebratory bliss in Stratford.

We've contemplated whether or not to domestic the cute little buggers who've been living inside of our vegetable garden. But decided not to since we do live on MacGregor Cres and need to uphold a certain lack of tolerance for lettuce munching bunnies.

Rosie's made some tea with mint from the garden.

They're enjoyed (honestly!) doing a math page or two - if it means a few minutes of computer time afterwards :)
Swinging, lots of swinging.

Lego, lots of lego. The computer is there with a picture of Optimus Prime for him to duplicate, and he does, and it transforms.

And dishes, she loves doing the dishes.

Topping it all off with fun at the Market today. Good times, loving those summer afternoons.



William says: Mommy, I don't want to go to bed tonight. I want to play cars (with Rosie) all night!

(It's Lego in this picture, but that was the other day. It's actually amazing us just how much fun they've been having together. Honestly, hours on end. Hope it lasts!)


Friday, July 15, 2011

Day ?? - Unknown nor worried about

I just spent half an hour writing a post for here and the pictures got all messed up and I had to erase it all and instead of starting over I'm going to go watch a movie with Scott and try again sometime tomorrow. I know I'm not living up to my own goal of writing here each day, but it's summer, and I'm okay with that, most of the time.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 25 - Celebrations!

Here with coffee and computer, contemplating a nap (imagine!) but won't do it. Today is the kids' last day of camp, I actually pick Rosie up in an hour, and then it's a celebratory picnic lunch and then on elsewhere for a playdate. I'm tired this morning, but happy! Yesterday Scott and I had our 10th wedding anniversary which didn't mean Europe as we'd once dreamed, but rather Chinese food with the kids, ice cream in the backyard, movies that kept us up to late (kids in bed by then) and treats all along the way. And this weekend we've got big plans while kids are staying with their Oma and Gramps! Their very excited about that, they spending/saving allowance jars are lined up on the table beside me, already counted out and ready to go. So we're tired, but happy and excited to keep going for a little bit more. But when we're all back together again Monday and Tuesday, might be staying in pjs for a little while.

Kids have loved camp! I went with Rosie's group yesterday to the Children's Museum, which meant Rosie's first ride on a school bus. William's very cool about his week, but he told me last night that he'll be sad to see it end. ESQ is definitely going to be part of our summer plans each year.

Should be writing, working on new story but.....I have just enough time for a little more coffee and to finish off my book.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 24.5 - They Loved it.

Day Twenty-Four - In Between

That's how it feels a bit this morning. Kids are both at first day of camp. William's at the ESQ camp for five full days at UW, he was happy to go. Rosie's at a preschool morning program, only five 2-hour sessions, I think she was crying when I left. I've got an hour now to work on a new story, just starting. We'll see how that goes, tomorrow will probably be easier.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Twenty Three - Niceness

There's been a whole lot of niceness around here these days.

The nicest being that Wiliam graduated from kindergarten. We had such a fun day celebrating his day, a little bittersweet since he's had the same wonderful teacher for two years and because he's going to a new school in the fall, complete with his baby sister in tow. I can't believe how fast things are going.

He had to take the time to show us his name on the 'Who's Lost a Tooth' poster, he was up there twice!

A favourite exercise of jumping from rock to rock, Rosie still needs a little help, while I stand cringing nearby.

One last look at the old cubby.

A celebratory lunch at Wendy's with friends.

A family portrait. Love the way Rosie's beaming up at her brother, notice the cupcake in hand, it was far from her first. Also love the way William's sticking out his chest to show off his medal like the proud peacock he was. Top Reader in SK, one of two, for reading over 200 books.

Our end of year treat (one of many to come I'm sure, sigh, I have very little will-power at times for these smiley, cuddly things of ours) was the kids' first ever trip to the movies! We saw, Cars 2, with Heather and her gang as promised over a year ago I would say. It's been a date a long time in the making. The kids liked it enough, it was fun, and all of them ran from the theatre ready to think about the next thing summer had to offer. All except William, who spent the rest of the day dissecting and discussing every aspect the film had to offer.

William gets this look on his face when he's lost in thought, as though he's miles away. He fell into that trance a couple of times yesterday, but one time, after asking his teacher a question before leaving he was standing there thinking and I laughed and asked her how often she had seen that look. She said, smiling at my son so lovingly, 'Everyday'.