Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 25 - Celebrations!

Here with coffee and computer, contemplating a nap (imagine!) but won't do it. Today is the kids' last day of camp, I actually pick Rosie up in an hour, and then it's a celebratory picnic lunch and then on elsewhere for a playdate. I'm tired this morning, but happy! Yesterday Scott and I had our 10th wedding anniversary which didn't mean Europe as we'd once dreamed, but rather Chinese food with the kids, ice cream in the backyard, movies that kept us up to late (kids in bed by then) and treats all along the way. And this weekend we've got big plans while kids are staying with their Oma and Gramps! Their very excited about that, they spending/saving allowance jars are lined up on the table beside me, already counted out and ready to go. So we're tired, but happy and excited to keep going for a little bit more. But when we're all back together again Monday and Tuesday, might be staying in pjs for a little while.

Kids have loved camp! I went with Rosie's group yesterday to the Children's Museum, which meant Rosie's first ride on a school bus. William's very cool about his week, but he told me last night that he'll be sad to see it end. ESQ is definitely going to be part of our summer plans each year.

Should be writing, working on new story but.....I have just enough time for a little more coffee and to finish off my book.


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Anonymous said...

Heehee. Funny how anniversary plans change over the years to include dinner's out with the kids!