Saturday, July 16, 2011

More of our Days

In the past days - daze - of summer, we've celebrated a year or two, or ten!

Had a few nights to ourselves, thanks to grandparents who gave our kiddos a few amazing days after which they came to retrieve us from our celebratory bliss in Stratford.

We've contemplated whether or not to domestic the cute little buggers who've been living inside of our vegetable garden. But decided not to since we do live on MacGregor Cres and need to uphold a certain lack of tolerance for lettuce munching bunnies.

Rosie's made some tea with mint from the garden.

They're enjoyed (honestly!) doing a math page or two - if it means a few minutes of computer time afterwards :)
Swinging, lots of swinging.

Lego, lots of lego. The computer is there with a picture of Optimus Prime for him to duplicate, and he does, and it transforms.

And dishes, she loves doing the dishes.

Topping it all off with fun at the Market today. Good times, loving those summer afternoons.


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