Monday, September 5, 2011

Flip Flopping

School starts tomorrow and I'd be kidding myself if I didn't admit how nervous and apprehensive I am. It's William's first time at being there five full days and who is this teacher, person, I'm about to hand him over to? Rosie's home with me for another week until her days start next Monday, she goes in for half an hour this Wednesday just to check things out and she can't wait. Besides this, we've never been inside the school except to register and William wasn't with us. We did a lot of fun things after dinner this past week, treaty things for the end of summer holidays, and one night we went to the new school to let them explore a bit, peek in some windows, and play on the play structures. William's bravery astounds me. There were a few, 'I don't wannas' tonight, but nothing that's worrying me. I think it's the lack of time I'll have with him this year that is causing my butterflies tonight. That, and the hoping, desperate hoping, that he'll be happy. He's getting to an age where he's keeping things inside. No more screaming fits for the neighbourhood when he skins his knee, instead he'll walk away from me muttering, 'I'm fine, I'm alright'. So I'm not expecting him to tell me exactly how he's feeling, and I know he'll be okay. It's just what happens. But I except we're all pretending a little tonight to ignore the lazy summer days we've loved together and play it a little cool.

We spent today playing at a favourite local market, traveling through muddy corn mazes, buying cards (in a contraband Shopper's Drug Mart) in order to go back home shivering in our hoodies, to have hot chocolate, Scott's delicious homemade kettle corn and playing Crazy Eights and War until dinner time. After dinner, sausages, corn and fresh tomatoes, we had a Super Mario championship, followed by bath and bed, one final singing of the summer's theme song, the Cat Came Back, in it's entirety. Kids are sleeping, William's lunch is made, time to go downstairs to see Scott and what he's carving tonight.

It sure helps not having to walk through this alone.


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Heather and Josh said...

What exactly is a contraband Shoppers?
You'll do great tomorrow, don't worry. William will be proud of you ;)