Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This picture probably highlights one of the better moments of the morning if you can imagine. William didn't want to go, although the teacher told us (the patient, patient teacher) that after we left the school where our son was screaming at us to stay, face up to the window, that after that, he was fine. He met us at the end of school, at the same window, positively beaming. He told us tonight there were just too many new things but that he's looking forward to going back tomorrow. I can hear him up in bed in the room he shares with Rosie, testing her on the names of his English teacher and his French teacher, promising to teach her all the French he learns. He's a happy kid tonight, already counting up to fifteen in French. Yup, he's good and now I get to finally relax and enjoy the newness and excitement of the week. But first...

..insert the muttering of mild profanities under my breath here.



Heather and Josh said...

Mild profanities? Haven't I taught you anything in four years?

Fiona said...

Hey Sarah,

So glad it went well!