Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love & Rainbows

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written here. I've missed it but I'll admit I haven't known where to start. Since I last visited here, we've had the best trip to Ottawa where Scott had a conference at the Museum of Tech and we all stayed with Aunt Paula and Aunt Claire. It was a week of talking and swimming and eating and walking and walking and walking and riding buses. Through the streets of beautiful downtown Ottawa to see the changing of the guard and the locks, through the market for chocolate covered licorice and beaver tales, through museums and stores looking for souvenirs like William's beloved double-decker bus. It was a week of growing confidence around cats and monkey bars and learning how to smoosh crab apples just right under our heels. Best yet, it was visiting and getting closer to our aunts who we love dearly. To be greedy and have them all to ourselves for a week, without having to share them with ten other relatives as is often the case with family get-togethers. To really get to know them and appreciate every bit of their generosity and coolness which can sometimes be tricky to keep up after days with young ones running underfoot and a muck. After a week in town, we hijacked Scott from work and took him away to the trailer for a cozy night of smores and hotdogs which we had just eaten before the storm started. Sleeping and playing Battleship inside a trailer was novelty for sure.

I'd been thinking a lot lately of the things we didn't get to do this summer, a trip to Centre Island, more camping, copious trips to the creek. But after this trip, it's impossible to think of anything but the things we did do, got to do. And that makes the upcoming start of school a little less bittersweet and makes us a little more ready.

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