Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiet Rain

I'm moments from leaving to pick up both kids from school. It's Monday which means everyone will be home tonight. I've spent my third day at home, writing, reading, eating lunch alone. My ears are sore I think from so much quiet. CBC radio helps with that when I take a break to wash the breakfast dishes. Today went better. More writing for writing, no aims to be perfect, just to get back into the habit of getting words down, lots of words, practice. I've also made a promise to myself to read short stories on these days as well, leave whatever novel I'm reading for night time.

Soon the kids will burst in with me, wet and filled with a second wind. Dinner will be spaghetti and homemade bread, peach crumble for dessert.

I sound sleepy because leaving a day of writing and a quiet house feels like waking up after a nap. But I'm looking forward to seeing them and hearing about their day.

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