Monday, September 26, 2011

Watching them Go

That's the easy part. I drop them off, every other day for Rosie, and I know that they're happy, they're pretty much where they want to be. It's the next part that gets me, the what now??

I know this sounds crazy, I should a wildly happy woman, freedom! And it's not so much that I miss them, it's just figuring out who I am now when the house is quiet and the laundry is (almost) put away, dinner is planned and the breakfast dishes can wait until later.

So I write. I'm trying to keep moving, and mostly that's been my fingers across the keyboard. It's daunting having so much time to write. This week especially, with Rosie gone three days for the first time. Actually, just writing this now I'm wondering what the problem is, it sounds great! But there needs to be more. I'm getting back to yoga this week, and I'm going to take a crack at running. I know I have horrible balance and terrible knees, but a friend and I are taking off Wed morning with her twin babies in tow thanks to a new jogging stroller. Then home I'll be, feeling good from some exercise and fresh air, and ready to get back to writing. I can't wait!

Another decision I've made (this all seems so personal but it helps to get it down) is to give up submitting to writing contests for now and just go for getting published (whew, bandaid ripped off!). I had relied on contests for so long because I work well with a deadline, but I think by finishing a piece and sending it out and then starting another project, I'll feel like I'm actually getting ahead. I told Scott that my first rejection letters will be celebrated as a new step in the right direction.

So tomorrow I'm off with Rosie to buy some running shoes as I currently own none, the closest thing being a pair of Columbia hiking shoes that Scott is pretty I had when we started dating. So, sometimes change is good. Or in this case, a little bit of change and a whole lot of moving.


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