Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Things

So today has been a day of figuring things out. Last night William came home from school, very in control and happy, but told me that he'd had trouble in the yard at recess. I posted last time about his success with the fireman's pole and yesterday when he was about to go down it again, boys from the grade 1 english class (not french :) stood around the bottom and wouldn't let him down. William told me he repeatedly asked them to move and they yelled up at him "don't make us come up there" and then they did start to climb up to William, who jumped down and began to run and look for a teacher. This happens, I know, but the unsettling bits are that a) he couldn't find a teacher, b)he had to keep running from the boys until he somehow through them off and hid, and c) when he told his afternoon teacher what had happened, her response was, 'Did you ask them to stop? Because you really should have asked them to stop." I think this last point - the subtle blaming the victim take - was what upset Scott and I the most. Even William said to me, 'I think I asked them to stop, I don't remember, but it's not really my job to tell them to stop doing something they should know it wrong." Smart kid. So we did call the school, Scott did, just to ask what the school's take on bullying is and how it would be handled. Last we heard today, the principal was going to talk to William and she was going to use this situation to teach the grade ones more about respect. William told me, "I wasn't scared Mommy, I just really, really didn't like it, they took away my fun." But at least he didn't mention it this morning and it showed no signs of keeping him from being excited about school. He loves it and I'd just hate to see anything curb his enthusiasm. I'll admit, it really sucked being hit with this reality, didn't see it coming. If anyone reading this has any advice, please share!!

So today is my last writing day until next Wednesday. I'm editing a story I wrote since school start, hoping to maybe and actually submit it somewhere. I think it's good, just needs hard editing and some more punch to it. I've been juggling so many goals or thoughts of goal right now, wondering if I should just jump in and do them all or cut some out. I keep thinking of yoga, but not going. But did do a run (20 min)this afernoon when I needed a break and clear my head a bit. I think I'm going to try to start getting up a bit early the next few days, maybe tackle an early morning yoga challenge. We'll see, I'll need to work up to it I think. I'm definitely still floundering a little with this new freedom, but I think that jumping in will keep me going, it feels good.

Now off to get the kids soon, hopefully William had a good day. Than off to Bailey's to food for dinner and enjoy the night with maybe a family movie to kick-off this holiday weekend!

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