Monday, October 3, 2011


Cold weekend, gorgeous sun, pumpkins, apple cider (which William pretended was his first coffee), Martin's Apple Fest, getting lost before getting to apple fest in a van that desperately needed gas and was far from a gas station, bouncy castles, sweaters, socks, bought a printer, made paper villages and Transformers, went to church, did laundry, read books, borrowed a Globe and Mail for a treat from a friend who was away, new Feist cd to listen to, baked granola bars and cheesy biscuits to go with last nights sqaush soup, the littlest of us dreamt of her birthday which is only a month away, and a big finale of Doctor Who. Couldn't get much better.

A rainy day here, me on my own rewriting a story I wrote last week. About to get more coffee, wearing my favourite sweater. Let's keep this up I say!!

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