Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4 is for Rosie!

On Sunday, our Rose turned 4! My baby. It was the first day of daylight savings, a very long day with the kids up early and ready to go. I felt we'd gained hours that day, letting us get in so many things to make our girl happy. We did presents (a new easel made by Scott!), and Fruit Loops, and chocolate milk, and a special hot dog lunch, followed by a trip to the KW Art Gallery where we met up with family and friends and had a blast enjoying the free family crafts and activities. We all came home and did more presents and pizza, followed up by an incredible Doctor Who birthday cake (thanks Becky!!) and then, after saying goodbye to everyone, a final present before bed, a new book to snuggle up and read together. She's 4, in school, hilarious, loves her art, what else is there to say? Just how much we love her. Happy Birthday Rosie-Bear!!

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