Friday, January 27, 2012

Hold that Beat!

Just a fun video from last week. Love how William tries to make the music last.
And Rosie was fine, just a little awe-struck.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coffee Break

Lots in my head today, almost feels like the start of a new school year. Mostly healthier eating and taking care of myself is at the forefront. It's ridiculous how much I worry about the kids eating healthy but than neglect myself, especially now that they're in school. Like today, they're off and I haven't done much this morning but a good grocery shop to distract myself from my first morning without coffee. I love my morning coffee but in the end it doesn't make me feel that great, so I'm going a week or so without to see if it helps. The coffee in the picture above is from Monday, which was a great writing day. Today's picture would be a mug of green tea (not bad), a croissant with goat cheese (amazing) and I feel awake, but no writing so far. I thought mucking about here for a bit would get me going back to editing and rewriting my story in 2nd person (I know!)

Monday could have been a bad writing day, but I pushed myself and it honestly felt the same as pushing myself when it comes to trying a hard yoga pose, a physical push. And I broke through and it felt great (of course it was twenty minutes before I had to get the kids, but still). So I'll do that now, I'll push to get going and once I'm there, I rarely want to leave. Hope I stay awake :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


That's not I feel, but it's the weather. I did feel that way last week when I wasted one of my precious two writing days doing anything but writing. So here is today's list.

**work on story, do you want the title of this one? No, not yet. Plan is to actually send this one out
**marinate a pork roast for dinner, to be had with mashed potatoes and veg
**have some good music going on somewhere at sometime, maybe the new Kathleen Edwards
**write myself away into a place with no horrible rain
**enjoy this time alone


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skating Party Blues

Today started out with Scott running in to the University to give the keynote speech for an undergrad conference. Big man on campus (with horrible back) indeed. It left me and the kids at home, in pjs with coffee, admiring the snow and the way the sun was making it sparkle outside our front window. Scott was home happy and in one piece before lunch but that's when things slowed down and as much as I needed to be out somewhere, the slower my family got and the more comfortable they made themselves with the Wii. So I puttered, and tidied and cleaned and tried to stay happy. And just before I reached my cracking point, the kids had their coats on and we were on our way to one library, followed by the other library and a skating party put on by their school.


Scott is great at it, the kids really want to learn to do it better and I love it, when I can. My balance is an issue as many of you know mostly due to the shaky hands things (this is the point that some of you who didn't know about my shaking (minor minor minor CP) may say ooooh, I though she was just nervous and or cold :) Anyway, needless to say with Scott's bad back right now, if they were going to get to skate, it was up to me. So I said fine, I'll do my best and if we all end up on our behinds together we'll be laughing and Scott can stand at the sidelines taking pictures. Notice there's no pictures of said skating. We didn't have William's skates with us in the bag when we were getting the kids all decked out at the arena. We had an old old pair of Rosie's that no longer fit either one. Scott and I braced ourselves for a meltdown, as the kids stood sort of in shock while watching their friends skate past on the other side of the glass. But they were so great! They wanted more Wii, and doughnuts and other treats we ended up getting at the grocery store on the way home, but they were understanding and didn't need to milk the situation as Scott and I felt horrible and were more than willing to make it up to them. They'd been looking forward to it for a week after all. They were happy enough just with the huge bag of books we'd gotten from the libraries and even once we got home, they sat in the car for almost ten minutes before we could break the spell and get them into the house. And yes, those are child versions of DC superhero graphic novels. It's one of the newest crazes in our house, for both kids.

On another totally unrelated topic. My friend Carrie Snyder has her second book of short stories coming out this spring and you need to buy them! Her first book, Hair Hat was great and I'm really looking forward to The Juliet Stories. If you go over to her blog, she has a giveaway going on this week where you can win the newest issue of The New Quarterly which features one of the chapters from her new book. Look into it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

So Much More

I didn't write this week on the blog, I didn't feel like it. It was a bit of an uninspired week. Holidays are long gone, we're well back into the routine by now, and it seemed laundry, meal planning and dressing the kids for the cold was all I was doing. And the worst was when Scott's back went out last weekend, and the poor guy hasn't felt right again since.

But there were lovely things too. A playdate with new friends, a visit from our favourite aunt (who thanks to her own back problems had come loaded up with back drugs and cream which helped so much) and I've been reading wonderful short stories by Sarah Selecky and Jessica Westhead and dreaming of the day I can join their club. :) And then there was snow. I honestly had gotten to thinking that I didn't want any, that I was happy with the mild temperatures but yesterday the snow was just so perfect. Shoveling the snow after school while the kids played around and the sun was just starting to set was amazing. I have missed winter and all the rosy cheeks.

Last night I went out and met with writers in Waterloo and I really want to tell you how great it was and that I'm excited about the possibility of forming a writing group and that my favourite part of the night was the walk back to my car with all of the inspiration rushing around my head and the freezing air blowing up into my face while I watched people skating and people rushing off of buses and lights everywhere, illuminating uptown Waterloo that I really love. It was 9pm and it was very cold and I was alone and it was wonderful. I got home and said to Scott, there's more than just laundry and groceries! But I can't tell you about it much more because it's a PA day and William is refusing to give me just ten minutes to write and I just shouted a little at him for it and on and on it goes......but it's ok because there is more to this than laundry!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Did What?!

He made cheese! That's what he did. He hinted before Christmas, telling me about the cheese making kits he'd read about online. I found this site - - ordered the mozzarella kit and the poutine making kit (which comes with an envelope of St Hubert's gravy mix, awesome!). The kids played with their new toys all afternoon (apparently Santa hit the jackpot this year) and we were left on our own to make cheese. We followed this up with homemade pizza and made the rest of the curds into ricotta that we'll use with pasta tonight. Talk about a perfect date!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Up, Up and Away

This weekend Rosie went to a birthday party, the first one she's ever been to without her big brother and without there somehow being any connection to me. We'd been to this house once for a playdate and the mother is a volunteer in Rosie's class so I thought she'd be fine, happy, even excited. And she was, until I left. There were never any tears, but there was a phone call from the mother asking me what we should do because Rosie wasn't eating or getting involved in any way. I decided, along with the mother, to let Rosie stick it out for the next hour especially since the Mad Science presentation was coming up.

When we went to pick her up, she was fine (just like Scott told me she would be but, oh, how sometimes I just don't listen). We got there a little early and the kids were in the basement watching the science show. The family's dining table was decorated for the party and showed the aftermath of a festive lunch. We walked around the table to find Rosie's setting, there were name tags at each seat. Each plate had leftover pizza crusts, smears of cake, carrot nubs leftover. Except for Rosie's. There was a clean plate and this cup. It didn't take Benedict Cumberbatch (new Sherlock) to deduct the mood of the youngest person at this party.

She came up from downstairs happy, the science had been her favourite part. She was glad to see us. She was okay. She got a lovely helium balloon along with her loot bag to bring home. I held the balloon at my feet while Scott drove us home. I watched Rosie yawning while going through her loot bag of cool science stuff. I was thinking that she is the youngest in her class, a November baby, and she does seem so little sometimes. And I'm happy for that. But I wasn't happy, none of us were, five minutes later as we were falling out of the car and had no choice but the stand there and watch the lovely pink balloon drift up into the sky. It wasn't my fault exactly. By the time we lost it, William had held it and then given to me after Rosie was out of her car seat and then I'd made the silly decision to let her hold it. You can imagine the tears. She even named it, Ballooney.

But superdad came to the rescue the next day by surprising us all with a trip to the party store where each kid got to pick out a helium balloon. So that's where it leaves me today. Here on the couch, in a big puddle of sunshine, watching two balloons dance around the living room lead by the air from the furnace and hoping my family has a good day back at it.

Friday, January 6, 2012


It's the day of holidays before the weekend and school starts again. My plan was to have a cozy pj day again with kids, playing all day. They've played, read, danced while I've cleaned and been very happy to do so. Tree is at the curb, decorations at mostly away, toys are organized. My mind is opening up to the possibilities of free days spent writing. Bliss.

Here's a fun picture taken over the holidays of us, each wearing the very new happy sweater we gave each other.

Tonight is take-out, Scott will bring home Chinese. I'm wiped, but happy and excited for the newness that a clean January house can bring.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Day

Today feels like the last day of the holidays, even though the kids are still home for a week. Scott worked from home today, which still meant it was me and kids fending for ourselves for the first time since before Christmas. It was great, the kids played together, I cleaned my office, we played outside, shoveled the driveway, decorated paper for a gift Rosie needs to wrap for a friend's birthday tomorrow, played some Wii. It was good.

Until that witching hour. The time when it's just a bit too early to start making dinner and I'm getting itchy for Scott to come home, or as in today's case, surface from his office in the basement. At this time, for some reason unknown to me, the kids went berserk. It was as if all the energy from the past ten days or more erupted from their skinny bodies, out through the tops of the their insanely curly and messy heads, and exploded all over the still Christmas-decorated living room. We were sitting on the floor the minute it happened, playing a board game. They were shrieking like mandrakes, throwing the dice around, talking to each other using some pattern of sounds I hope never to understand. I left them to it and escaped to my office - clean office - to try to read a short story I'd had been looking forward to and had left open on my desk. But they followed me in, trailing paper and markers and crafting devices behind them. Stay out of my room! But those words were not in their language. They continued to erupt, me along with them now, and not in a good way. It even made Scott emerge from below.

It was at that moment I say the happy Ghost of Christmas present shake it's head, wave goodbye and sail out the window.

But we're good, we're happy now. Ate bacon and pancakes and smoothies for dinner. Tomorrow Scott will go to work, actually leave the home and we'll change out of pjs long long before noon. Rosie has a birthday party to go to, her first all on her own, so William and I will enjoy a bit of time to ourselves.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Go 2012!


With a new laptop beneath my fingers at this moment, I am able to finally present the Christmas concert of 2011. It was William's first French performance and Rosie's first ever!

It's January 1st, Scott's working on steak and amazing home-made french fries for dinner. The kids are downstairs building a Quidditch pitch out of Lego after we all watched the first Harry Potter movie (more on that to come). And I'm bouncing back and forth between laundry, writing this blog, drying dishes and thinking about the New Year.

I love these days but they also make me sad. I can't help but feel sad about the end of the season. As always, this Christmas was amazing, the perfect balance of family and friends and time with just the four of us. But I love the days before work and school begin again and I can dream of resolutions and new starts.

There were a few disappointments over the past few months. I applied for the job I've always planned on applying for and it didn't work out, leaving me feeling like I'd been kicked a lot from the inside out. It was supposed to be something to look forward to, something not to be lost just yet. But the holidays helped me get over it, and now I'm looking forward to time to write. It's really all I'm focusing on. I'm taking not getting the job as the swift kick in the backside I need to finally, and please, just write already. It's not time to joke around any more.

So that's the biggest thing on my mind today. Writing, cleaning my office out (which tends to become Santa's workshop this time of year), and setting up my new laptop in a week's time on a clear desk with a new journal and pen at my side. Ready to go. But until then, I don't want the time to go too quickly. I'm excited to have another week off with the kids, excited to keep tidying and clearing out the old and making room for the new. I'm excited to get to blog and get my pictures up again and to carve out a few moments each day (fingers crossed) to get a few words down on some gleaming white pages.

Now enjoy!
Rosie's first, she's the snowman with the blue hat and yellow sunglasses.
William is next, in the middle wearing Nana's blue sweater, not looking too impressed.