Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coffee Break

Lots in my head today, almost feels like the start of a new school year. Mostly healthier eating and taking care of myself is at the forefront. It's ridiculous how much I worry about the kids eating healthy but than neglect myself, especially now that they're in school. Like today, they're off and I haven't done much this morning but a good grocery shop to distract myself from my first morning without coffee. I love my morning coffee but in the end it doesn't make me feel that great, so I'm going a week or so without to see if it helps. The coffee in the picture above is from Monday, which was a great writing day. Today's picture would be a mug of green tea (not bad), a croissant with goat cheese (amazing) and I feel awake, but no writing so far. I thought mucking about here for a bit would get me going back to editing and rewriting my story in 2nd person (I know!)

Monday could have been a bad writing day, but I pushed myself and it honestly felt the same as pushing myself when it comes to trying a hard yoga pose, a physical push. And I broke through and it felt great (of course it was twenty minutes before I had to get the kids, but still). So I'll do that now, I'll push to get going and once I'm there, I rarely want to leave. Hope I stay awake :)

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