Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Go 2012!


With a new laptop beneath my fingers at this moment, I am able to finally present the Christmas concert of 2011. It was William's first French performance and Rosie's first ever!

It's January 1st, Scott's working on steak and amazing home-made french fries for dinner. The kids are downstairs building a Quidditch pitch out of Lego after we all watched the first Harry Potter movie (more on that to come). And I'm bouncing back and forth between laundry, writing this blog, drying dishes and thinking about the New Year.

I love these days but they also make me sad. I can't help but feel sad about the end of the season. As always, this Christmas was amazing, the perfect balance of family and friends and time with just the four of us. But I love the days before work and school begin again and I can dream of resolutions and new starts.

There were a few disappointments over the past few months. I applied for the job I've always planned on applying for and it didn't work out, leaving me feeling like I'd been kicked a lot from the inside out. It was supposed to be something to look forward to, something not to be lost just yet. But the holidays helped me get over it, and now I'm looking forward to time to write. It's really all I'm focusing on. I'm taking not getting the job as the swift kick in the backside I need to finally, and please, just write already. It's not time to joke around any more.

So that's the biggest thing on my mind today. Writing, cleaning my office out (which tends to become Santa's workshop this time of year), and setting up my new laptop in a week's time on a clear desk with a new journal and pen at my side. Ready to go. But until then, I don't want the time to go too quickly. I'm excited to have another week off with the kids, excited to keep tidying and clearing out the old and making room for the new. I'm excited to get to blog and get my pictures up again and to carve out a few moments each day (fingers crossed) to get a few words down on some gleaming white pages.

Now enjoy!
Rosie's first, she's the snowman with the blue hat and yellow sunglasses.
William is next, in the middle wearing Nana's blue sweater, not looking too impressed.


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