Friday, January 20, 2012

So Much More

I didn't write this week on the blog, I didn't feel like it. It was a bit of an uninspired week. Holidays are long gone, we're well back into the routine by now, and it seemed laundry, meal planning and dressing the kids for the cold was all I was doing. And the worst was when Scott's back went out last weekend, and the poor guy hasn't felt right again since.

But there were lovely things too. A playdate with new friends, a visit from our favourite aunt (who thanks to her own back problems had come loaded up with back drugs and cream which helped so much) and I've been reading wonderful short stories by Sarah Selecky and Jessica Westhead and dreaming of the day I can join their club. :) And then there was snow. I honestly had gotten to thinking that I didn't want any, that I was happy with the mild temperatures but yesterday the snow was just so perfect. Shoveling the snow after school while the kids played around and the sun was just starting to set was amazing. I have missed winter and all the rosy cheeks.

Last night I went out and met with writers in Waterloo and I really want to tell you how great it was and that I'm excited about the possibility of forming a writing group and that my favourite part of the night was the walk back to my car with all of the inspiration rushing around my head and the freezing air blowing up into my face while I watched people skating and people rushing off of buses and lights everywhere, illuminating uptown Waterloo that I really love. It was 9pm and it was very cold and I was alone and it was wonderful. I got home and said to Scott, there's more than just laundry and groceries! But I can't tell you about it much more because it's a PA day and William is refusing to give me just ten minutes to write and I just shouted a little at him for it and on and on it goes......but it's ok because there is more to this than laundry!!!

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Carrie Snyder said...

Yes! There is so much more than dishes and laundry! (Though there are always dishes and laundry). Glad you made connections and felt inspired.