Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Just Sort of Hit Me

Tuesdays are now my only day home alone with a child. How did that happen and how did I not really get it? I'm ok with it but today it just hit me. And I tried to enjoy it, this one day a week I'll have with Rosie (alright, and Thursday mornings as well until I start working after lunch and Scott takes over, he's amazing) but I had to fight falling asleep all day. We played Magic Labyrinth (a really great game for kids and for parents, we love it), played outside on the swings (which soon because a hammock for me), collected premature snowdrops in tiny jars with water, noticed the sign tied outside to 'our' tree (other side of the sidewalk though and is going to come down for street renovation/construction reasons) which made us sad and which we may try to object to, and we ate too many Mini Eggs. Sounds pretty good now that I write it down :)

Last summer, the idea of having William away at school full-time horrified me, I couldn't imagine all those days without him. But then school started, and it all just worked. Everyone's happy, things change. And I've needed a big change, for awhile now.

I'll miss my days at home with the kids, but more likely, it will just make me love Tuesdays all the more.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What a Nerd

This is me in my back- to- work photo this morning and the grin still hasn't left my face. Yes I know, it's a big grin.

It was a great first morning at work and it's definitely left me wanting more. More for the days to come and more for today itself and it's already 3pm! I want to have a nice family dinner, get laundry done, finish a book I'm reading (so I can get to Juliet!) and still go to pilates tonight with Heather where she been kicking my behind the past few weeks. Writing plans are forming as well, I'm about to put new life into something I wrote years ago.

I feel excited and refreshed and so very ready to go.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good News Everyone!

The problem with not having blogged for three weeks (almost!) is that by the time I do, it's too hard to choose a picture of so many and frustrating t0 know where to begin. This picture is my favourite. So we'll start here, we took it today.

So much has happened this month and today it's all accumulated and turned me into a ball of nerves but in a good way, inspired, productive and so very ready to go. It's all as though tonight is New Year's Eve and I'm full of resolutions.

So I'll cut to the chase. Tomorrow I'm going back to work, part-time. I got the job I've been pining for as library assistant at the McCormick Branch here in Waterloo. I'll be training at the main branch for three days this week and then start my first shift at McC on Friday. I'm looking forward to getting up early tomorrow morning and dressing for work (I had to go shopping which always seems better when planning than actually doing). I am excited for the adrenaline I know I'll feel when I'm meeting people and learning how to work the computers and all of the things that will happen. Scott made me promise I would write here that I've been practicing, I've been trying to talk to people in stores. I love that nervous rush, as frustrating as it can be sometimes for me to get over, I am growing to accept it and recognize it as feeling alive.

Which takes us back to last night when Scott and I attended the launch party for my friend Carrie Snyder's new book 'The Juliet Stories'. It was a great night, seeing friends, forcing myself (ourselves :) to be social and filling up with the feeling again that there is so much more out there and that being a part of a group such as this, one that celebrates amazing literature along with writing it themselves, is where I belong. And I know that once the newness of the job dies down a little, I'm going the relish my days off and these will be writing days. The thought of five days to myself with only writing would be too much for me right now, I need pressure and not so much freedom.

So tonight I'll lay out my clothes for work, set the alarm a half hour early, and lie in bed dreaming of what's to come and of all the wonderful books I can't wait to recommend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Room

Scott's interview on CBC radio!

He's a little embarrassed, I'm a lot proud.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Little Things

One afternoon last week William ran out of the school doors yelling there was a mystery! Apparently someone had scattered 'diamonds' all along a leftover snowbank in the yard to be discovered. He told me that he found out between first and second NAB (nutritional activity breaks) because everyone was talking about. A friend of his found one and showed it to us, it was a big blue plastic jewel. The entire schoolyard was buzzing and kids were running all over looking for these things. William didn't know who did it, but I love the thought of some teacher out early at the end of January, dusting the snow with these dollar store treats, just to make the kids happy.

The next morning while Scott was standing with William in the yard before the bell rang. The excitement had died down but some kids were still searching and William looked down to find something small and green lit up by the sun. He'd found his own gem. Don't ask me where it is today, a week later, but for that day, someone had made my son, and the majority of kids in the lower grades so very happy. Just that thoughtful, little thing that brought so much joy. How can I not be anything but grateful for that.