Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Little Things

One afternoon last week William ran out of the school doors yelling there was a mystery! Apparently someone had scattered 'diamonds' all along a leftover snowbank in the yard to be discovered. He told me that he found out between first and second NAB (nutritional activity breaks) because everyone was talking about. A friend of his found one and showed it to us, it was a big blue plastic jewel. The entire schoolyard was buzzing and kids were running all over looking for these things. William didn't know who did it, but I love the thought of some teacher out early at the end of January, dusting the snow with these dollar store treats, just to make the kids happy.

The next morning while Scott was standing with William in the yard before the bell rang. The excitement had died down but some kids were still searching and William looked down to find something small and green lit up by the sun. He'd found his own gem. Don't ask me where it is today, a week later, but for that day, someone had made my son, and the majority of kids in the lower grades so very happy. Just that thoughtful, little thing that brought so much joy. How can I not be anything but grateful for that.


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