Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Just Sort of Hit Me

Tuesdays are now my only day home alone with a child. How did that happen and how did I not really get it? I'm ok with it but today it just hit me. And I tried to enjoy it, this one day a week I'll have with Rosie (alright, and Thursday mornings as well until I start working after lunch and Scott takes over, he's amazing) but I had to fight falling asleep all day. We played Magic Labyrinth (a really great game for kids and for parents, we love it), played outside on the swings (which soon because a hammock for me), collected premature snowdrops in tiny jars with water, noticed the sign tied outside to 'our' tree (other side of the sidewalk though and is going to come down for street renovation/construction reasons) which made us sad and which we may try to object to, and we ate too many Mini Eggs. Sounds pretty good now that I write it down :)

Last summer, the idea of having William away at school full-time horrified me, I couldn't imagine all those days without him. But then school started, and it all just worked. Everyone's happy, things change. And I've needed a big change, for awhile now.

I'll miss my days at home with the kids, but more likely, it will just make me love Tuesdays all the more.

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