Monday, February 27, 2012

What a Nerd

This is me in my back- to- work photo this morning and the grin still hasn't left my face. Yes I know, it's a big grin.

It was a great first morning at work and it's definitely left me wanting more. More for the days to come and more for today itself and it's already 3pm! I want to have a nice family dinner, get laundry done, finish a book I'm reading (so I can get to Juliet!) and still go to pilates tonight with Heather where she been kicking my behind the past few weeks. Writing plans are forming as well, I'm about to put new life into something I wrote years ago.

I feel excited and refreshed and so very ready to go.


Heather and Josh said...

Ahem- it's Pilates, you're supposed to be able to kick your own behind!
Congrats, work looks good on you. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, seriously. ;)

Leah B said...

Love your uber big smile, Sarah! and your choice of 'back to work' wear. So happy for ya!
BTW, I don't need a pilates class to kick both yours and Heather's butt. Come by anytime for the butt kicking of your life;)

Sarah said...

Leah, you made me laugh out loud with that one! Heather, good times. :)