Monday, March 19, 2012


kids watching tree

There have many breaks over the weeks besides a break from the blog.

Break 1 - The Tree

Our sad street right now is unrecognizable. They've all but closed it down in order to rip up the roads, fix sewers and do things to our beloved creek that we still don't quite understand. But we were happy, well content at least, to live with this. Even when the notices went up on the trees on the other side of the sidewalk (so not technically our tree) we were ok to let them come down. Well, not quite ok because that would mean no lovely canopy over our street once the trees were out but I had to choose how angry I got knowing William would follow my lead. I still wonder if we should have protested, we were lazy and didn't cause a fuss. Not a great lesson for the kids. But we talked and decided that on cutting day we would be satisfied knowing that new trees would be planted at the end of the summer when the construction was over. Until.

On cutting day a major branch of tree that wasn't ours, fell and ripped an entire major branch resulting in a large gash in a tree that is ours. William was beside himself, not understanding why the workmen weren't hurrying over to apologize to us as we were obviously watching from our front window. I went out and wreaked havoc as much as I am able, but didn't get too far. Our poor tree, things still need to be done.

Break 2 - March and From Each Other

March break started with so many plans, only to have to cancel many because Rosie got sick (we suspected a bladder infection of some sort, but the test was negative). She was back to feeling like herself again (no more pain poor kid) just in time for her and William to enjoy the gorgeous weather, a magic show at the library, playdates in the park and two days and a night spent with grandparents. This let me work (as is the norm now) Thursday and Friday without Scott needing to take time off and the kids had a great time thanks to Oma and Gramps. Scott and I decided to keep our night to ourselves quiet (I'm pretty tired after my shifts at the library, happy as a clam and quite hyper for a bit, but tired) and pick up some Indian food on the way home, followed by a few episodes of Luther (great show!)

Break 3 - From Regular Programmed Weather

The weather is gorgeous but it has taken until today for me to get excited about it. It's just a little too much too soon and too weird for March. It threw me off a little and I do want some spring time before summer.

Break 4 - From Normal Life

Like I said work is great, I love everything about it. To be honest, teaching never made me this happy. But it's still a lot to get used to. Juggling my three days off during the week; the one with Rosie and the two others that I are for writing. But what about the house and chores and baking and all the other things before I'm back working Thursday until Saturday? Everybody's helping out more and we're figuring it out as we go. It's crazy, but I wouldn't change a thing.

So now it's Monday, the start of a regular week. Laundry's on the line (yay!), I wrote all morning and I get to go back to it now (despite the three loads of clothes that need to be put away). Kids are happy to be at school, easy easy morning. The construction outside is so loud that my back office is moving, jumping and vibrating. Hopefully nothing else will break.

**Today's March 19th, the date Scott and I started dating 14 years ago. Looking forward to homemade pizzas out on the deck tonight for dinner. Anything else to say about these years will have to just be that as things keep getting more and more wonderful, it gets harder and harder to find the right words. <><

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Fiona said...

Hey Sarah,

I'm so glad work is going well and you enjoy it! It sounds like a great balance to have the 3 days at home. I'm really sorry to hear about your tree, and the other trees on your street. A lot of trees in our neighbourhood will be cut down this summer as well. Ours is safe for the moment, but I don't know for how long!