Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Start Spreading the News (and Better Pictures)

These are my favourite pictures that I've taken so far with our new camera. I need to learn so much more about how to use it and I'm looking forward to it, when I get home.

I'm going away to New York City this weekend, with my aunt! Never done anything like this!  Kids and Daddy are staying  home, with waffles for breakfast, Lego Star Wars Wii to open and play, swimming, a bbq with best friends and other treats Daddy has up his sleeve. I'm trying to let go of guilt and open up to excitement, which since I'm leaving tomorrow night (to stay the night in Toronto at my aunt's house before we catch our plane Friday morning, early!) is getting easier to do. I don't really deserve this treat and it's going to be really hard to be away from my gang for four nights. But I know it will fly by, be amazing, and leave us all for the better when I get home again.

And the new camera stays at home, the old one can come along.

And yes, I'm very crazy excited! Just in case it didn't come across.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Up Too Late

But these things happen when you get a new camera! Pictures aren't great, lots to learn.
And the lights were out in the kids' rooms, we didn't turn them on, the camera just lit things up.
And yes, they were fast asleep.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Talking about stories coming up soon, I haven't forgotten! Enjoy the day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Snowball Moneyball

These pictures aren't from today but I've been meaning to post them, they're funny, post-haircut for William and make me happy. And happy was needed after a 9:30am dentist appointment on a Monday morning. The kids go tomorrow.

Today I feel like a snowball. I started small and over the past four hours have rolled quickly and out of control before becoming part of something I feel is much bigger. I'm not going to go into details but awhile back I wrote ten stories about a fictional town in Ontario that were linked. The stories were inspired by some history that hit me out of the blue during a walk in the woods in London, Ontario with family. I researched a little, and then pulled back, as I do. I wrote stories, loved them as much as you can love rough drafts, printed them off , put them in a folder and stuffed them into a drawer. This week I got them out, and today I started researching again. I got as far I think as I can get on the computer but it's further than I got before. And the story is one I would love to read. So I guess I'm saying I'm going to try to write it. It scares me. The thought of the amount of time, brain, work, heart, and myself I'll have to put into it and those things I'll be giving up. Can I do this, finally? Is it time?

 Last night we watched a good movie, one I never thought I'd like in a million  years. It was 'Moneyball'; baseball and  Brad Pitt, neither being favourites of mine. But it was a great story, we both really enjoyed it. There was line (a corny line but a line nontheless) that stayed with me and I can actually quote because I just found it online from someone who is even nerdier than me! It was, "We're all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children's game, we just don't...we don't know when that's gonna be. Some of us are told at eighteen, some of us are told at forty, but we're all told." Are you groaning at me? It's kind of bad, and no I'm not forty, but it did strike a nerve. So I'm going to jump into this (tentatively) and keep you posted and get up early sometimes and look for more time to write and books to read to learn more and more. And hope to discover the characters that can bring these great stories to life with as much heart as I can.


Saturday, April 14, 2012


                                                             what happy looks like

I'm reading a story by Alice Munro today called Runaway. I've read about five pages, all day. It's hard to sit and read when I'm the one running away, from children, most of the afternoon.

We were out the door this morning just after 9am. Thanks to a no-tax event at Rona, we headed there to buy the ceiling tiles we need for our wood room renovations. It's coming along, with the basement, I'll get pictures up soon. The morning was great. Rona, followed by a quick grocery shop and then to the toy store to let the kids buy what they've been saving their allowance for. I managed to sneak in a quick buy of my own; a tshirt with the word HAPPY across the front. It seemed fitting and I put it on for fun when I got home. I've since covered up with a hoodie.

It's hard. It's one of those afternoons when I have a plan, Scott has a plan and the kids just want us. Why don't they go off and play together? Surely that way is often more fun. So after cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, dishes, I sat down with my story to read and a cup of tea. Then they pounce.

The next hour or more was spent with me and my book walking around the house and into the backyard, being trailed by very loud, very needy children. It's not wrong to want my own time. But after nothing worked, I gave and got grumpy, so much for the new shirt and the hoodie gets zipped up to my chin. And then the worst part. They say something cute, Rosie picks a flower from the garden for me, and William picks up the old guitar to play me a tune. I'm torn between thinking why did I spend the day running away instead of playing with them AND what's wrong with wanting my own time and what could I have done to have gotten it? And then as soon as we're up and back to chores, making dinner, kitchen stuff, they have no problem finding something to do, outside playing happily.

Go away, get outside, I love you and we'll cuddle later. Even as I write this my grumpiness is fading and I'm looking forward to later.


One more thing. A project!! Read a short story, test myself by writing about it here. I'll start with Runaway, it fits.  What do you think? Any suggestions for stories and better ways to find your own time.

Friday, April 13, 2012


                                   His new pink Hotwheels tshirt for  anti-bullying day at school.

I'm writing this after a long but good day. Work at the library, picking up the kids, swimming lessons, a homemade pizza dinner and almost (so close) to a finished beer. It was a good day, but just one of the many this week that has left my mind reeling and exhausted and looking for more time. Everything's gotten done except for writing, always the one thing that goes. 

It didn't help that my two writing days - Monday and Wednesday - were booked with other things. Monday of course was a holiday and on Wednesday Rosie had a hacking cough and stayed home. Notice how ill she looks, sigh.


There are a few things I'm thinking about tonight. I'm thinking about finding more time. Time to write. I could start getting up an hour earlier each day. I've done it before and it's worked. But then does this mean going to bed earlier? Giving up time with Scott? I've always had trouble with that. This past week was the first meeting I've had with a group of new people for what we're saying is a writing group. It's scary and hard. Not hard to hear their criticism, that's what I want. But difficult (and exciting, don't get me wrong) to start new and not dwell on my old group, the Toronto group where we were at the point where we knew each other and really could push. I'm also finding that I'm a bit of an outcast in our group - the only one writing stories, not a novel, and my genre is different as well. And I'm enjoying reading their chapters, but time is so precious for me that a few hours spent on that and it's gone, with no writing of my own done. I need to carve out a time, I've got the place. My office is always waiting so why do I head so often for the comfort of the couch and the internet? Maybe I need something other that my laptop, in the office, without any internet. Any suggestions or inspiration would help so please share, if you have time. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012


Playing around with the newest blogger update, not sure if I like it. Picture uploads are easier though.

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and there are promises of warmth again, laundry up on the line, and hamburgers on the grill for supper. A very good Monday.

We had a great weekend! Days with Aunt Bon, dreaming of our upcoming trip to New York.  Did I say that right. I'm going to NEW YORK! For four days with Bonnie at the end of  April. Can't believe it yet, but am getting excited. Amazing!!

Reading a great book again. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is the perfect thing to start after rewatching Midnight in Paris. Just loving it.

Lots of bits today, good bits. The kids are great, happy with school, sun and birthday parties.  Scott finally took the plunge and bought his table saw. His promise is that we will be eating Christmas dinner on a beautiful new table made by him. So wonderful.

I had my first meeting last week with people who may turn into a writing group. I know, very exciting, been trying to make one for so long. Our first meeting where we show each other some work for the first time is next week. People were great, I felt comfortable, looking forward to it.

I feel like I'm babbling and rushing though this at the same time. Just wanted to get back here, good to be back here.