Monday, April 2, 2012


Playing around with the newest blogger update, not sure if I like it. Picture uploads are easier though.

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and there are promises of warmth again, laundry up on the line, and hamburgers on the grill for supper. A very good Monday.

We had a great weekend! Days with Aunt Bon, dreaming of our upcoming trip to New York.  Did I say that right. I'm going to NEW YORK! For four days with Bonnie at the end of  April. Can't believe it yet, but am getting excited. Amazing!!

Reading a great book again. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is the perfect thing to start after rewatching Midnight in Paris. Just loving it.

Lots of bits today, good bits. The kids are great, happy with school, sun and birthday parties.  Scott finally took the plunge and bought his table saw. His promise is that we will be eating Christmas dinner on a beautiful new table made by him. So wonderful.

I had my first meeting last week with people who may turn into a writing group. I know, very exciting, been trying to make one for so long. Our first meeting where we show each other some work for the first time is next week. People were great, I felt comfortable, looking forward to it.

I feel like I'm babbling and rushing though this at the same time. Just wanted to get back here, good to be back here.


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