Friday, April 13, 2012


                                   His new pink Hotwheels tshirt for  anti-bullying day at school.

I'm writing this after a long but good day. Work at the library, picking up the kids, swimming lessons, a homemade pizza dinner and almost (so close) to a finished beer. It was a good day, but just one of the many this week that has left my mind reeling and exhausted and looking for more time. Everything's gotten done except for writing, always the one thing that goes. 

It didn't help that my two writing days - Monday and Wednesday - were booked with other things. Monday of course was a holiday and on Wednesday Rosie had a hacking cough and stayed home. Notice how ill she looks, sigh.


There are a few things I'm thinking about tonight. I'm thinking about finding more time. Time to write. I could start getting up an hour earlier each day. I've done it before and it's worked. But then does this mean going to bed earlier? Giving up time with Scott? I've always had trouble with that. This past week was the first meeting I've had with a group of new people for what we're saying is a writing group. It's scary and hard. Not hard to hear their criticism, that's what I want. But difficult (and exciting, don't get me wrong) to start new and not dwell on my old group, the Toronto group where we were at the point where we knew each other and really could push. I'm also finding that I'm a bit of an outcast in our group - the only one writing stories, not a novel, and my genre is different as well. And I'm enjoying reading their chapters, but time is so precious for me that a few hours spent on that and it's gone, with no writing of my own done. I need to carve out a time, I've got the place. My office is always waiting so why do I head so often for the comfort of the couch and the internet? Maybe I need something other that my laptop, in the office, without any internet. Any suggestions or inspiration would help so please share, if you have time. :)

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