Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still Flying

I love the feeling you get upcoming coming home from a holiday. You feel lighter, less likely to worry about the little things, and definitely relaxed. The problem is that it doesn't usually last too long. But I still feel it! Home for more than a week, I still have no immediate need to spend time on facebook, or the internet in general. Things still feel extra special. Special just like those Godiva chocolate Aunt Bonnie and I ate on 5th Ave, the chocolate restaurant Max Brenner (amazing!) we ate at twice, the shopping we did at Macy's, seeing War Horse at the Lincoln Centre that we rode to in a stretch limo (completely by luck, for $12), seeing 'The Columnist" on Broadway, Times Square at night, the walk we had through beautiful Central Park, the food, the bagels, the coffee...

Are you still my friend. : )

Thank you Aunt B for four days of Mother's Day and my birthday all rolled into one wonderful time away with you!!!


ps - The differences between the pictures are that some were taken with my camera and others with a disposable camera. I took the memory card that held on five pictures and my vacation brain didn't tell me to just buy a new one. 


Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time hanging out with you!
Don't forgot all the wonderful people we met and wanted to take along with us.
much love,

Sarah said...

Our bus list! We still have to write it up :) xoxo