Monday, June 11, 2012

And we're back and we're older!

I've been away so long that both William and I are a whole year older! No excuses, just simply haven't felt much like doing it. It happens I guess.

I had a great birthday, one that thanks to family, great friends and new work friends made me feel like a kid and properly spoiled all day, there was a lot of Vincenzo's going on.

 And the night was spent getting ready for William's party the next day. There were Light Sabers and cupcakes and a Death Star Pinata to make, most thanks to Scott. Five boys from his class came. It was wild but it was perfect, right down the the Padawan braid (Star War things) William had me do in the side of his hair to the unlimited amount of cheesies Rose consumed as her concession for being the only girl.

Wild but perfect, seems to be a theme these days.

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