Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Reflections or Now What?

I haven't written here in such a long time, well before summer holiday began. And we had a perfect one, if not a very different one. I was working half the time, home with the kids until Wednesday when Scott would pick up where I left off. I love my job and am thankful for it, especially now that the both kids are back to school full time.

Our summer was full and often we were looking for down time, but the days keep rushing on. A trip from my uncle from England started things off, which meant time celebrating him as well as Nana and Boppa's big move. Then it was our anniversary, and Scott and I snuck off to Toronto and then Niagara Falls for some time to ourselves and yearly used book shopping. It got hot quick and that got us into the neighbours's pool, they are so good us. A week of summer camp each for the kids, followed by a beach day with friends and loads of day trips to fun places, mainly of course to the library. The best trip however was to Ottawa where we again enjoyed time and the Olympics with our Aunts. The end of that trip was to Montreal, where we surprised the kids with a visit to the Star Wars Exhibit downtown. The summer ended with a perfect weekend for the wedding of Scott's brother and his new bride. It was, like I said, perfect.

So I guess that leaves you wondering. OK, so she was busy. But so was I and I blogged? And it's true, of course I had time. I didn't blog because I didn't really want to. I've come to a crossroads with this blog where I don't know where it should go. Scott made the point that William's getting perhaps too old to have his personal stories and pictures thrown permanently out there for all to see. Of course my computer is chock-full of gorgeous pictures of the two of them that I'd love to share, and I have a little on facebook over the weeks, but maybe the time has come for this blog to either end (say it's ain't so) or become something else, something little different. What do you think? How do you feel about throwing your kids out into the world wide web?

So I agree that my above list of Summer 2012 was brief and rushed but I'm ready to move into fall and see what comes next (although I'm missing the kids something fierce today). I work only part-time, the kids are gone five days now and I am up against a wall (a happy looking wall) with a sign that says, guess there's nothing left to do but write.


Susan Fish said...

I am in the same boat as you, reconsidering my blog, although for slightly different reasons. Do you know the mommyblog She earns her living writing about her family and yet about a year ago, she explained that she was trying to respect her older child (who was 7) and her privacy and so had opted to be very selective about the stories she told for that reason. It was far better worded than that. I have tried to be careful for that reason.

I took a hiatus from my blog this summer and I missed it but I didn't miss the drama and the risk of putting myself out there in public. I don't like Twitter for that reason either. Facebook has its own issues but you can choose who sees what there. I'm becoming more comfortable with that as an option. Once in a while, though, I've had something I just really want to blog about, though.

Rachel said...

Well, I always love hearing about you and your great kiddos! I can understand your concern though. Maybe just keep a few stories in (and ask William if he minds the story being told). Another thought... you could start writing some short stories and posting them on your blog! I'd love to read them :)
Also, so glad you had a great summer! Looking forward saying hi each morning at school as we drop the kiddos off! Maybe coffee dates after :D

Rebecca said...

I password protected my blog so that only those who hold the password can read our stories. And I use facebook a lot. I enjoy hearing the little anecdotes about my friends' kids and it's a great way to watch my nieces and nephews grow from afar. I think social media has it's merits if we can be careful. How else would I have seen video of my nephew the day he lauged for the first time on the same day it happened?

Sarah said...

Thanks for the advice. I think I'll take a break for a bit and see what happens. Susan, I'm thinking of leaving it open for when I really really want to blog about something. If I start blogging about things other than the kids all of the time, then maybe the blog will shift into something new, which could be good. Rach, thank you always for the support. And Rebecca, it is such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, but I worry about privacy a lot and the exposure. Maybe passwords would work well. Thanks for the thoughts!

Carrie Snyder said...

I think if you're feeling any kind of discomfort about what you're sharing on your blog, it's a good sign that you should back up a few steps -- your gut is telling you that an invisible boundary has been violated. Your boundaries are personal and individual to you, and only you can know what feels right or wrong. I think being certain and sure about your boundaries gives you the power to use social media in whatever way works for you -- and that's going to be different for everyone.