Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Dog Days

So here we are, passing the day together, just us girls; Rose, me and the dog. Rose has the stomach flu but is hopefully on the mend now. At least well enough for some computer time, homemade trail mix and playing with Christmas decorations brand new to us this year from Nana. No one else has picked up the bug just yet, we're hoping this will be it.
It's a cozy day, time to check out those birthday presents and dig into the craft kits. I bought a 2012/2013 planner last week, and had this week all planned, done to the minute. Today was to be volunteering with home reading this morning at the school, dog walk in the forest with a friend and then writing all afternoon. So maybe not, but it's ok. Dog is happy running around backyard chasing her favourite soccer ball that Scott and I got almost eight years ago when we ordered a pizza in Toronto (no idea why we still have it!), home reading check- in will hold off another week (kids will continue to read), and I can write tonight when Scott's in class. In the meantime (while Rose is whining for me and more Netflix right now), I'll enjoy the quiet.
We hit the Santa Claus parade this weekend, with loads of friends helping us line the street just outside Vincenzo's where adults could duck in for coffee. Scott and I got to see James  Bond for his birthday, and the Christmas lights are up and on, the first on our block. It is a little early for us but we're ready and happy to extend Christmas time a little bit longer.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lost Diamond in the Rough

So this is the thing. I've decided that the past three months (since school began or since we got the dog, or both) have probably been some of our hardest months ever. We're fine, of course, but the thread of little lousy things that just keep on happening is never ending. Nothing major, we're healthy and happy, nothing to really complain about. However.

One thing that was, still is, practically painful is that I lost the diamond from my engagement ring. I loved that ring. It was perfect. Small enough, big enough, shiny enough. Scott chose it on his own, without me ever seeing it before the day he proposed.

I lost it on a day when there was no real chance of finding it. I'd taken the dog for a long walk, done laundry, changed the sheets on all the beds, gone to work.  Of course after work that evening, Scott and I stripped the beds and looked everywhere (including remnants of our dog's meals, on their way out if you get what I mean) but it was gone. 

I have such a strong image of this ring that comes to mind whenever I miss it. It's of a particular bike ride we were on in Toronto (we biked everywhere in Toronto, I feel I was much braver then). And I remember it being a perfect day, my fingers gripping the left handlebar as I rode happily, watching my ring sparkling away in the sun. That's one thing I think of, and why my stomach aches a little, everytime I remember that it's gone.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Day and Cozy Thoughts

Rose is now five and asleep, despite a dinner of sugar and not much else.  I had to work so she had to go to school, which she loved because she was the only one in the whole school with a birthday today so the only one mentioned on the announcements. And she got a plastic lizard from the office, 'Awesome Mommy'!
We were opening presents just after six this morning, which included Lego and footsie pajamas (pjs with feet). Needless to say I'm falling asleep yet wanting so desperately to write something worthy of this incredible child who was born exactly five years to this hour. There was a snowstorm that night, and she was born at 9pm. Because I had a wonderful midwife and everything went so so well, a new baby, Scott and I and a much smaller version of William were tucked up in our beds at home only two hours later. I love that thought tonight, after a day of the four of us being separated by work and school. The memory of us, tiny and very new to each other, fast alseep together, out of the snow.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing Wild (and leftovers from Halloween)

Tomorrow my daughter turns five. It felt like a big event when William did it, but this time round it has me really thinking. An important Eve for me, while perhaps not for Rose except that it means waiting one more night for the Lego she so desperately wants.

This weekend was amazing. Friday morning Scott and I said enough is enough and took the morning off together (I wasn't that brave, my shift at the library didn't start until 2pm so no hooky for me). He's been feeling overwhelmed with work and deadlines and working late nights, so we went out for breakfast together after dropping the kids off at school, then shopping for desired Lego and then a long walk for with the dog. It was perfect and what we needed but it went quickly. Like so much these days, a planned date, a visit with a friend, a long weekend, five years.

So that brings us to Saturday when my fabulous aunt Bonnie and I attended The New Quarterly's Wild Writers Literary Festival right here in Waterloo. There are 3 things that have stayed with me the most.

1. I know so many of these people now! These wonderful talented people that I've somehow (without being published yet) put one step into their group. I don't feel like a bystander but rather someone who these people (writers) know is there and perhaps (here's my imaginary part, ready?) are waiting impatiently for me to jump the heck in and swim with them!

2. Blog for only me because I love it! The master classes Bonnie and I went to were terrific. The first one was with Kerry Clare from, a blog I've been reading forever. We've chatted online before but met for the first time this weekend and she was as lovely as I had imagined. Her talk was about blogging and doing it well and so here I am! No longer wasting time contemplating what route this blog should take because as she said, blogs change with you.

3. OK, this is a big one and ties all in with the stuff above about time. The Wild Writers women panel told me something I already knew, already have been thinking. Am I going to do this writing thing (more than I already am) or just wonder about it one day when it's too late? The kids show how fast time is going, so does working at the library and I'll explain how that works in another blog. But despite being inspiring and motivating, I sat listening thinking, I know this! I think that way about writing all the time and I know this stuff, and obviously it isn't going away anytime soon. I don't want it to because it isn't just a hobby.

So wild writing, check.
Organic blog, check.
All works in progress, check.
Working on a new story this afternoon, check and check.
Birthday to get ready for, on it!
Crazy dog to take care of, sure.
Other stuff, why not. 

Oh! And I didn't mention Elizabeth Hay! Her master class was wonderful and if I could have bottled up her Zen and taken it home with me, I would have. A perfect day.

An afterward: Obviously the picture above is not of soon-to-turn-5-daughter, but rather of old brother also known as the Batman.