Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Day and Cozy Thoughts

Rose is now five and asleep, despite a dinner of sugar and not much else.  I had to work so she had to go to school, which she loved because she was the only one in the whole school with a birthday today so the only one mentioned on the announcements. And she got a plastic lizard from the office, 'Awesome Mommy'!
We were opening presents just after six this morning, which included Lego and footsie pajamas (pjs with feet). Needless to say I'm falling asleep yet wanting so desperately to write something worthy of this incredible child who was born exactly five years to this hour. There was a snowstorm that night, and she was born at 9pm. Because I had a wonderful midwife and everything went so so well, a new baby, Scott and I and a much smaller version of William were tucked up in our beds at home only two hours later. I love that thought tonight, after a day of the four of us being separated by work and school. The memory of us, tiny and very new to each other, fast alseep together, out of the snow.

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