Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Dog Days

So here we are, passing the day together, just us girls; Rose, me and the dog. Rose has the stomach flu but is hopefully on the mend now. At least well enough for some computer time, homemade trail mix and playing with Christmas decorations brand new to us this year from Nana. No one else has picked up the bug just yet, we're hoping this will be it.
It's a cozy day, time to check out those birthday presents and dig into the craft kits. I bought a 2012/2013 planner last week, and had this week all planned, done to the minute. Today was to be volunteering with home reading this morning at the school, dog walk in the forest with a friend and then writing all afternoon. So maybe not, but it's ok. Dog is happy running around backyard chasing her favourite soccer ball that Scott and I got almost eight years ago when we ordered a pizza in Toronto (no idea why we still have it!), home reading check- in will hold off another week (kids will continue to read), and I can write tonight when Scott's in class. In the meantime (while Rose is whining for me and more Netflix right now), I'll enjoy the quiet.
We hit the Santa Claus parade this weekend, with loads of friends helping us line the street just outside Vincenzo's where adults could duck in for coffee. Scott and I got to see James  Bond for his birthday, and the Christmas lights are up and on, the first on our block. It is a little early for us but we're ready and happy to extend Christmas time a little bit longer.


Kerry said...

Psst. Just in case you're still blogging like nobody is reading, I don't mean to trip you up but *somebody is*! Me.

Sarah said...

Oh Kerry this made my day. I only just saw it now, many days later. The new post will explain why. Thank you for being there. :)

Anonymous said...

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