Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ready to Enjoy

It's been too long since I've been here, been writing, having any sort of normal day. We have been sick for over two weeks. Before Monday, there has never been a day when someone wasn't  home, sneezing, coughing, whining, fevering (yup, it's a word), throwing up, and other unmentionables. And I've been home, and also sick, through it all. With a dog. And without appetite for food or books, how ridiculous is that?

But. Kids are back at school. Scott is back at work. I am home (and back and forth at the library doing my shifts oh so lovingly) but I'm still sniffling and feeling sort of meh (another good new word for you). We need to get a tree, get our decorations up, although we have been having fun with Sinterklaas (fun Dutch Santa) and Lego Advent calenders.

                                                   Me. How it's been. Pretty snow.
                                                   Sinterklaas offerings last weekend.

So I'm not bursting out of the gates just yet, and maybe that's how December will be and I'm good with that. Recovering a little here and there, to enjoy the next three weeks as much as possible. And we will. I'll go crazy at New Years. Maybe.

Hope you're well. Are you well out there?

Oh! I've begun to read Sea of Poppies today by Amitav Ghosh, very excited.


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