Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unexpected Goodnesses

Sadly I have no picture to post for proof, but on January 13, 2013, myself, my kids, my mother-in-law, and my dog walked to Dairy Queen and ate ice cream cones in the sunshine. There wasn't a chill in the air to tell us we were fooling ourselves, as sad as that made be for this time of year.

This picture is proof however of the fun, almost surprise, I made over Christmas. I wanted to hang paper snowflakes everywhere on the main floor and put a picture from the blog over the years in most of them. In my mind, I wanted to hang them Christmas Eve and have everyone wake up to them in the morning. Of course, during the day while Rose and Scott were out, I decided to bring William on board who appreciated it because as he told me, hates surprises (except from Santa maybe?) When Rose and Scott came home we happily spent the day cutting out the snowflakes and looking at old pictures together, making the change in plans very welcome indeed.

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