Tuesday, February 12, 2013


There is something fun to write about and tell. It's the beginning of something new for me. When I went to the TNQ Wild Writers Festival a few months back, I was taken by what writer Miranda Hill had to say on the topic of mothering and writing. In short, she said go for it. She talked about how there came a moment when her children were getting older and she thought either I do it now or the time will pass. And she did and out of that decision came a wonderful collection of stories entitled, Sleeping Funny, which I'm reading and loving now.

Coming from that day, feeling inspired and ready to go for it, I didn't. We got a puppy instead. But now that puppy is beginning to settle (a little despite being spayed last week) and I decided I needed to go for it in way of asking for help. I didn't want to do this alone anymore and by this I mean writing story after story, only to leave it without much editing and go on to the next idea. I wanted to feel like a writer and get something done.

I thought back to the last time I could really say I felt like a writer and it was before I had the kids, when we still lived in Toronto. I was teaching 6/7 and taking a short story writing class at George Brown taught by amazing author Elizabeth Ruth. Those months I was up by six at the latest each morning and writing until the last minute when I had to run off to teach. They were good times. From it, a writing group was born and continued for years until we moved back to Waterloo. So I went to her, before Christmas, and asked if she would be willing to start again with me and my writing, in the form of a mentorship and she said yes! It began this month in a quiet way of sending her some of my pages followed up with a phone call at the end of each month. We can change things as we go, we have agreed, if need be.

I didn't know if I wanted to blog about this news, feeling the need to protect this new endeavor as well as the stories and words I'm getting out there. I'm finding timing tricky, hard to write at home with the dog (she has peanut butter now), I've been sneaking away in the morning to a nearby coffee shop to write after I take the kids to school to escape the pup. But I do miss my cozy office. I've also agreed to more volunteering at the school which I love, but it eats up time. My work at the library is mostly only one afternoon and two evenings, so I couldn't ask for a better schedule there. The house is messy and not much extra is being baked or made, no sugar valentine cookies this year. But I think this is the decision I'm making, and everyone under my roof (ok, maybe not the dog) is all for it, amazingly and wonderfully so.

There are still things to decide. Do I write new things or rework old stories I've loved and put away? But I do know that a morning here and there is not enough and writing at coffee shops isn't free. I'll work it out, February is a rough month for resolutions, but what I've worked and made happen so far and what could come out of this, will be very worth it, possibly like nothing else.



Carrie Snyder said...

Wonderful news, Sarah! I'm so glad you decided to make a move and reconnect with a mentor. Wishing you both inspiration and time!

Sarah said...

Thanks Carrie!

Kerry said...

This is exciting news. Congratulations on taking a big step!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kerry! It's just time. :)