Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't Miss It!

Last night I was having a hot bath to try to unclog my head, it worked. I've had a cold the past few days, missed work once to avoid sneezing on books, and still feel ick today. But! When I got out of the bath the kids and Scott were listening to Bach on the computer, watching videos that showed the music notes dancing and moving as the music played. I joined Scott at the kitchen table to read the paper while the music kept playing. Enough time passed that suddenly I realized I hadn't been listening, hadn't heard a bit of it. I'd been reading and thinking and probably worrying about something. On my walk this morning with the dog, I realized I've spent a lot of time this month doing that. Walks without seeing the sun on the snow, or kids telling stories but not listening quite enough. Getting wrapped up in things that were making me grumpy or generally feeling down (it is February) but missing out on so much. Such as, I feel sick and I'm cold and have to be out with the dog but......the snow is falling perfectly around us and this walk will help dog to rest for awhile while I get to write.

Other very good things.
-Scott and kids proved there was time for sugar valentine cookies by surprsing me with them Wednesday morning. They'd made them when I was at work.
-Downton! We bought season 3 from itunes and finished it last night! So I know things you don't! It's been a fun treat after kids go to bed, with dog sleeping beside the couch or in front of the fire
-My writing, just need to do more
-Teaching dog tricks, she can put some toys away now in her basket (when she isn't eating the basket)
-Beautiful scenery outside my very own windows, how did I get so lucky!?
-Early swimming lessons for kids Saturday mornings followed up with a trip to Vincenzo's for weekend snacks (PUC chocolate orange cheese is the best!!)
-Grade 2's put on a french play this morning, which we went to and smuggled Rose out of kindergarten for a half hour to enjoy with us. William was a very cute petit chien, it was amazing hearing the kids speaking their line in french.
-My job, working nights now makes me feel a little distant from it but I love the people I work with, the community, the books!
-Blogging more, I've missed it

Things to look forward to
-First telephone conference with Elizabeth R at the end of the month about a story
-Visiting my grandparents for Family Day. Lots happening for kids where they live now.
-Overnight trip away with Aunt B to celebrate her birthday.
-Birthdays to celebrate, dinners out to celebrate, gifts to prepare!

And this summer....ENGLAND!! Scott is presenting a paper at a conference in Manchester, my wonderful mother and father in-law are taking the kids and dog for a week and I'm going with!

So yes. My throat hurts, I'm tired and coughing but things are pretty good :)

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