Friday, February 22, 2013

Simply Reading

This is in no way me taking an opportunity to brag. Although, looking at that picture, she is pretty awesome.

I've just finished reading this blog post and it's left me feeling grateful and just very full. Rose loves to read. William does too, but very much for the purpose of gaining information, it's more of a practical act for him, and he is very selective. A friend recently told me that she said to him, 'You're so lucky to have your mom working at the library! She must bring you home great stuff!" To which he replied, "My mom doesn't know what I like to read." While that's not quite true, I don't get as excited about picking through comic books and lego manuals as I do a good story. I can grab anything, any topic right now and Rose will devour it the minute it hits her hands. Snakes, fairies, firefighters (she wants to be one when she grows up), baby mammals, Fancy Nancy, weather, anything and she reads it and reads it well. Just for the simple act and love of reading.

So when I read the post mentioned above, of course I thought about how Rose reads quite often now without me and how we too are moving away from those times spent cuddling and reading. But at the same time, we're in that safe zone where if I pick up any picture book, both kids will usually end up gravitating towards me and snuggling in. While I love the thought of Rose pouring over Harry and Anne and everything else on her own one day (and I'm sure William will as well), the post made me realize how quickly that time will come when they don't need me for reading anymore and that maybe I should bring home more books from work right now, sit down and pull them in, instead of using that time for something else. More living in the moment and reading. I do that with myself too. I complain about not having the time to read but when I think of the time I waste instead of just picking up my book. That was a long way of saying, family reading time is not over yet nor need it be for a long time and I should enjoy every minute of it while I can.

A cute side note from work last night. I loved hearing a little boy with a slight lisp getting excited about our display of Blue's Clues books which does not display a blue cartoon dog, but rather the Blue Spruce and other Forest of Readings nominations for this year. (Our favourite is Splinters by Kevin Sylvester, so great) It doesn't get much better than seeing kids excited about books, and sharing it with them makes it all the better. And I get to do it at home and at work.

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kristendenhartog said...

I bet you love your job -- as librarian, I mean, but obviously also as mom and blogger. Thanks for the kind mention!

Sarah said...

Kristen, your post was lovely. And yes, I do love all my jobs.