Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I'm wet after walking the dog this morning. Anyone who has left the house today won't be surprised. Last night, we were driving home after spending a wonderful Family Day with my grandparents in Whitby, and we were listening to what we always listen to in the car, the Vinyl Cafe. Scott and I have been listening to this CBC radio show for more than ten years having discovered it as a very young couple in Toronto. It made the big city feel small, a home for us. (I won't tell you about the time I came out of a hair dresser, with soaked hair because it was raining so why bother drying it and ran in the author, Stuart McLean. I won't tell you how excited I was, that I ran after him for half a block with Scott trailing behind me, until I caught up to him and probably didn't have much to say but rather stood there beaming. So don't ask.) I love how much the kids enjoy the stories now, especially William who laughs sometimes until he cries. Last night's story, Tobogganing, had a line in it that came back to me this morning. In the story, Stuart tells how beautiful the snow was one evening, coming down soft, the 'kind of snow that makes you stick out your tongue, rather than slouch deep into your coat', or something of the sort. This morning, when taking Bingo out, it wasn't a tongue-sticking out kind of snow, but a definite hide in your coat kind, but remembering the line made it easier to bare.

And that brings us to Family Day '13. We had a great time! Went to Nana and Boppa's still-newish place, tons of activities for the kids including an indoor zoo with enough bugs and snakes to keep our favourite entomologist Rose happy who as you can see, stood with a python wrapped around her neck and managed to find a Chilean Rose tarantula. Kids had cotton candy and popcorn, adults enjoyed tea and treats from the bake sale. It was just one of those perfect days, the kind that glows and keeps you warm the morning after when your boot leaks and your daughter loses her shoes at school.

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