Monday, March 25, 2013

Hair cuts and hanging out

Not much is new. Trying to get as much time together as possible, looking forward to Scott's teaching nights being over until the fall. This weekend, after weeks of Rose begging for a haircut, she got one, telling the haircutter, "I want it short and messy."
Scott and I had Indian food Friday to celebrate 15 years since we started dating. The kids asked for subs, their first, instead. It felt like spring and we were happy so we gave in.
William is happy with the dog and his books these days.
Rose reading also, a side profile of new hair.

(Short post because Mommy is tired after being up since 5:45 this morning. She, unlike William, is not always so happy with the dog but a book and mini eggs usually help.)


Steph said...

Love the yellow of your walls. (Ours are yellow too.) And I'm sitting on a loveseat the same colour and similar style as the one William is on. I love that picture of him. He reminds me so much of me!

Steph said...

PS. Mmmm, mini eggs... I'm just about to pick up my book and a bowl of mini eggs would go nicely!

Sarah said...

Tea and mini eggs are the best combo. We should hang out :)

Heather and Josh said...

Gorgeous hair, Rosie! Stylin!
(Food Basics has three-for-four mini eggs at 66 cents... just saying)

Steph said...


I would love to hang out! Too bad I'm so far away.