Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy and Good

Things are good around here, great really. Lots to be happy about.

William turned eight!

He had a party, friends over for Lego and games and cakes. He was thrilled, day deemed 'best day ever - EPIC!" We let him choose dinner, take-out burgers and fries and ice cream and cupcakes all while watching Batman Lego movie. Dog was sick and let us eat on the couch in peace. William's big now, 8 is big! He's almost finished reading a book without pictures and over three hundred pages and I must contain my excitement for fear of scaring him off and sending him back to the world of comic books forever.

Other good things now.

Sunday morning walks. Grab some breakfast and go to the park or somewhere new.

Stopping to watch a minor league baseball game. William thinks he'd like to play.

 Coming home and making mudpies and grass salads for dinner.

Finding these in our vegetable garden.

Making myself more bunting for my office while Scott bbq's dinner.

Warm enough for pjs in the backyard for Bingo's last outing of the day. Out in a garden that's been attended to and loved.

**And things to look forward too.

Excellent books lined up to read, including newly discovered Barbara Pym.

Trip to England at the end of July!

My first publication this summer! Don't want to say anything else yet except that it's an essay in a lovely collection of women's writing.

(I just erased four exclamation marks, they were making me tired.)

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Anonymous said...

Ooo.... congrats on your essay! You'll let us know when it's published so we can read it, right!?!