Monday, August 26, 2013

England 1 and Things

Me peeking out of the phone booth.

We've been home since the beginning of the month, a month that has passed too quickly. It's hard to believe next week is back to school. But our trip was wonderful and I will write about it all and put up pictures soon. Every second was perfect, the weather, the time alone with Scott, watching Top Gear with tea and crisps and my family, a new book by JK, Cardiff and Doctor Who, seeing Martin Freeman (oh yes I did!), just being in the UK! Sadly, the day we were home Scott's back went out and we've yet to find it. Before, I'd spent the entire month of July sicker than I remember being in years and so besides summer with the kids which is one of my favourite times, the best of our summer was this trip.

Hey, the power just went out.

Something I'm ready to announce and talk about is the book I'm having a small story published in this fall called "Bare With Me". The book is an anthology of stories about breastfeeding, my tiny contribution is rather light-hearted, a specific moment I'm sure all nursing moms have experienced. I love writing those moments, tiny bits stolen and pinned down on the paper like a snapshot. The book is called Have Milk, Will Travel and was edited by Rachel Epp Buller. That would be enough wouldn't it, a first publication. However I get to be part of the Toronto launch for this book, a night sitting on a panel with Rachel, and writers Carrie Synder and Kerry Clare. I will read my piece and do a small talk and wear my amazing new boots and there will be people and wine and food. Scott is coming and we'll stay overnight in the city and make a bit of a fuss. It's a night that will let me dip a toe into the pond, or peek out of the phone booth.

Good, the power's back on.


Heather and Josh said...

All good, good, good. I'd best have a look at said boots, make sure I can buy myself a matching pair, as we do...
But Martin? You did NOT!

Jessie Parkins said...

Continue the good work; keep posting more n more n to detox from painkillers