Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 years

My baby girl is 6 today and Scott has all the pictures so far on his phone. Not sure how we ended up without a camera and a disappointing collection of cell phone photos over the past six months. We'll fix that before Christmas comes, getting a new camera will be high on our list.

Books! Along with books which are always on my list. I'm reading whenever I get a chance with a dog curled up at my feet or beside me in front of our fireplace. I quit facebook and am watching much less tv. I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's novel right now The Signature of All Things, and am enjoying it, a chapter here and there interspersed with an essay from Ann Patchett's new book This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, she's always one of my very favourites. I loved LOVED The Good Lord Bird by James McBride and will be supporting it as a pick at the library in the upcoming weeks. Great read. I also would suggest Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment. Just in case you're looking for something great.

Birthday morning began here before 6am, she was up before the dog! I will get pictures up soon. She opened gifts of books, lego, stuffed animals (such a favourite for both kids right now), art supplies and the list goes on. She stops and reads each card word for word. She stops to draw a picture of herself (as a werewolf of course) with half the gift bags still to unwrap. Watching her draw gives me the same feeling I used to get when I'd watch Mister Dressup as a kid. Her patience and confidence amazes me. She wants to be a scientist she told me the other night. Or an artist, probably both. I bought her her first Ramona Quimby which does look a tad outdated (1968 pub date!!) but she'll devour it.

Books and family. The sum of my days. Running to get things done for them and sitting to read for me. My own written pages are also piling up, for myself, for now.

Good to be here.

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