Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Olympics and Chocolate

The Olympics are always a welcomed distraction in our home, as long as Scott gets the old rabbit-earred antenna working. This year was especially fun because it helped us appreciate the weather and Rose truly got into figure skating. Most school nights her and I would cuddle under blankets with the laptop and watch Tessa and Scott. So months later when we visited the Lindt store in KW, it was a treat to have her picture taken with a poster of the famous pair. Why was this cut-out in the chocolate store? Because Lindt is a sponsor of Stars on Ice which we were lucky enough to attend a few weeks after this picture was taken! THAT was a fun day!

And then we got away!

The kids had never seen the Falls, and the grown-ups had never seen them in the winter. They were incredible, we got soaked, outside and inside at the water park we played at. Hotel was lousy but the pancakes covered with candy (ew!!) for dinner at the restaurant made the kids happy.  They were brave enough to ride the highest slides with Scott, while I waited happily at the bottom. I tried some, really I did!

Flying High

He made it for me for Valentine's and the smile's not bad either.

Is it Over?

    The kids were quite resilient this winter. They didn't complain too much about the cold...

and when they were inside, they rarely had trouble finding something to do, even if it meant playing with legos for the thousandth time in months (which is never a bad thing) or making hats out of their pillowcases (new flannel sheets this year were a huge treat for us all!)

Winter Brrs

This winter was cold, icy, snowy, dark, we all know. We had a great time though, we got through it, enjoyed the fires, the books, cozy nights, new games, funny snowy dogs, sparklers in the snow, turkeys in trees (can you find one in the picture below), and all those other things that keep you going and keep you happy, including dreaming of the summer ahead.

The ice storm was probably our favourite day of them all.